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A female improv student and a male improv student on stage

Inviting Your Inner Magic to Play

Sometimes I refer to improv as an alternate reality. Where in our every day world can we mix it up with people who have our backs, people who put “we before me,” people who support us in moving forward – together?  Third Space Improv serves as a container for people of different walks of life…

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What Does Adventure Mean to You?

Recently I was catching up with a friend who lives in a small town in Washington State and the conversation turned to the concept of adventure.

“I always thought adventure meant going to a third world country and surviving,” she told me.

In that moment I realized just how personal the concept of adventure is. Friends in Boulder, Colorado will tell me that unless they are climbing “a 14-er” they aren’t really having an adventure. Meanwhile at home in St. Augustine, I have Level 1 improv students who believe that stepping into the classroom in an adventure every week.

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A female facilitator takes a male attendee by the hand

Connecting to Master Improv Wisdom

Some nights, after improv class ends, I spend time with my students by sharing a beer or a burrito. We’ll go over that evening’s lesson and then the conversation organically moves on to other subjects. Sometimes these conversations continue beyond the bites and brews – these are the ones I refer to as parking lot…

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Why Improv Matters — Off the Stage

“I could never do that.” That’s usually the response I get from people seeing an improv show for the first time. Of course not. How could anyone go from watching an improv show to being in an improv show overnight? Perhaps the more appropriate phrase is, “I can’t do that right now.” With training, this…

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A group of improv students in a circle with eyes closed and arms outstretched.

4 Ways to Earn Trust Via Improv Wisdom

Have you ever walked into a group space to find out you’ll be participating in experiential learning? Look around the room at the faces and the body language. Do you see clenched fists? Maybe people have started to grind their teeth a bit. Perhaps there’s even a sudden line at the rest rooms. Believe it…

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A woman in a pink dress plays in the Caribbean Sea

5 Tips for a Traveling Improv Mindset

Improvisation by definition is the art of accepting unforeseen circumstances. When referring to improvisational theatre, that resource is a script. So imagine a few actors with a few chairs and 25 minutes to fill. By being in the moment, listening to each other and working together, the actors are able to discover their purpose on…

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