Team Building, Bonding, and Development

Bond with your group using cooperative play.

Group Offerings

Give us your group members — and we'll create a team.
(Yes — all programs available virtually, too!)
From students making connections in a supportive environment at an after-school program to employees growing together through an immersive experience to senior centers keeping their residents agile through brain exercises, Third Space Improv offers a diverse range of services that teach soft skills easily translated to real life experiences. So be in the moment, forget the stress of every-day life, and include Third Space Improv in your next group adventure.

Team Building Facilitation

Creating an engaged team within your corporate culture or organization can lead to less turnover and more productivity. Those are just a few of the reasons why Third Space Improv offers Team Building Facilitation that sharpens communication skills and improves empathy among group members. From college campuses and non-profit organizations to on-site corporate retreats, effective team building creates trust, encourages open communication, and increases collaboration.

Custom Team Bonding and Facilitation

Get ready to transform your team spirit with Third Space Improv’s Team Bonding Custom Experiences. This experiential team bonding playshop is custom designed with the team in mind. Of course it will use improv’s signature “yes, and…” communication tool to retrain the brain for better problem solving, collaboration and relationships. Other benefits include, and are not limited to:

  • Reframing how team members think about each other.
  • Modeling behavior that showcases “we” instead of “me.”
  • Actively listening and supporting each other.
  • Getting the creativity wheels churning.
  • Create opportunities for positive and open conversations.
  • Remaining flexible and responding in the moment without canned responses.

Custom Team Development and Facilitation

Have you ever wondered why those actors on the TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” are so quick on their feet? They trained for it. Actually, they re-trained their brains to be better listeners, to be more agile in the moment, and to be stronger collaborators.

What if YOU could do the same thing and apply it to your business life to create stronger teams and more meaningful engagement — for the long haul? You can! Third Space Improv will show you how by creating a custom training program using cooperative play at its core. By practicing communication and connection using improv-based training, your team can improve their business leadership skills, change the company culture for the better — and have fun while doing it!

Did we mention that laughter is the best medicine when you only have an hour?

Loosen Up with Laughter Yoga

As a certified laughter yoga leader, Third Space Improv’s Owner/Ringleader, Amy Angelilli, has an organic process of creating a room full of laughter that connects your group members and busts stress along the way. Whether it’s a corporate lunch and learn or conference opening ceremony, Amy’s laughter yoga techniques focus on breathing, stretching, laughing, and relaxing to create interdependence — and trust — among your group members. (No experience with yoga … or even laughing necessary!)

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