Inviting Your Inner Magic to Play

July 1, 2024
A female improv student and a male improv student on stage

Sometimes I refer to improv as an alternate reality. Where in our every day world can we mix it up with people who have our backs, people who put “we before me,” people who support us in moving forward – together? 

Third Space Improv serves as a container for people of different walks of life to mix and mingle in a positive supportive way, so they can grow together. So how does this impact the art of friend making as grown ups?

On the flight home a few years ago, I read an article in the Southwest Airlines magazine that was in the “play” section of the publication. Already I was intrigued … and then I read the headline:

“It takes 50 hours to make a friend.”

Leisure time spent together playing moves a person from acquaintance to “casual friend.” So this means intentionally reaching out to spend time together, outside of social media, could turn two improv students into lifelong friends. There is no magic involved. The only elements required are time + attention.

And so, I’m challenging you. Keep a little notebook with all the names of people you want to develop friendships with and keep track of the amount of time you’re logging together. As the hours are logged, you might realize that there actually is a little bit of magic – it’s not on the Third Space stage or any other stage. It’s not even anywhere in a place. It’s inside all of us. As we mix and mingle and connect and ask each other deep questions, the magic inside comes out to play and becomes bigger and brighter when it joins forces with each other.

So tell me … what’s your alternate reality and how can it come out to play? Here’s to sharing our magic—together!

-Amy Angelilli, Owner + Ringleader, Third Space Improv