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Our founder, Amy

Third Space Improv's Ringleader!

As Third Space Improv’s Ringleader, Amy Angelilli combines the art of cooperative play with mindful moments and laughter to help others grow and connect personally – and professionally. She has facilitated playshops for business leaders, college students, conferences and retreats, non-profit organizations, summer camps (for kids and grown-ups!), after school programs, and active senior centers. Her immersive play-work focuses on self-discovery and meaningful connections … and, of course, fun! Currently she heads up the five-level improv training school at Third Space while also leading team building, bonding, and development sessions for organizations – in person and virtually. Since arriving in Florida in 2015, she has facilitated cooperative play experiences for people from 9 to 92 and every age in between. She’s also a certified laughter yoga leader, author of 100 Things to Do in St. Augustine Before You Die, an editor at Visit St. Augustine, an avid travel hacker, and a cat lady. And oh yeah…she likes to do improv and write about herself in the third person.

About Third Space

Third spaces are informal gathering spots where people come together to talk, relax, rejuvenate, and bond. They are physical spaces for serendipitous productivity-free conversation. They are familiar spots for connection with new and old friends over a shared interest or activity.

And we desperately need more of them.

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We at Third Space Improv want this to be a “third space” for creatives in St. Augustine.

And we run an improv school for grown-ups while hosting improv workshops, improv shows, improv mixers, improv camps for kids, improv open spaces, and any other improv events you can imagine.

And, we want our performers, students, and patrons to have a place where they can connect over … say … board games, or laughter yoga, or meditation for example!

We also want the space to be available for other creatives, makers, and artists who need a place to host a class, a performance, a reading, a workshop, a gathering, a dance, a training, or any other thing that the imagination can conjure … like the St. Augustine pirates storming Third Space and teaching us how to be pirates for a day!

An artist paints a giving tree on the wall

The Team That Helped Us Open Third Space:

  • Scott Ahl
  • Fred Angelilli
  • Raina Angelilli
  • Rita Angelilli
  • Prasad Annadata
  • Jackie Baird
  • Khamida Barlybayeva
  • Katherine Barnes
  • Joseph Bill
  • Amy Blake
  • Bobbi Block
  • Scott Broughton
  • Geraldine Carolan
  • Lisa Cavalli
  • Bobby Christian
  • Joshua Curtis
  • George Decker
  • Rich Demato
  • Grad Class #7
  • Grad Class #8
  • Jenni Elion
  • Bryan Fernando
  • Erika Fey
  • Barbara Hart
  • First Coast Improv
  • Kelly Flunker
  • Mitzi Denae Galgerud
  • Sharron Green
  • Catherine Goldberg
  • Yassert Gonzalez
  • Lyra Hall
  • Michelle Jones
  • Don Haraway
  • Thomas Hazelwood
  • Dan Deming-Henes
  • Rick Horner
  • Jenifer Dana Kaufman
  • Jasper Kilmartin
  • Kathleen & Dave Kramberg
  • Darryl Knapp
  • Clayton Lane
  • Holly Lane
  • Jennifer Lavenhar
  • Jass Laxer
  • Radha Lontkowski
  • Paul Lopushinsky
  • Patricia Love
  • Yolonda Manning
  • Inez McQueen
  • Cheryl Pack
  • Mad Cowford Improv Comedy
  • Alexander Mansur
  • Dylan & Kristen McGuire
  • Hal Peller
  • Scott Perry
  • Carole Phelan
  • The Jason
  • Bailey Shuler
  • Mike Smith
  • Ben St. John
  • Spencer Suderman
  • Deana Tolliver
  • Chris Vega
  • Diogenes Vieira
  • Stephen Wilder
  • St. Johns Cultural Council
  • Gary Ware
  • Jennifer and Scott Weber
  • Donna White
  • Lisa Yeager
  • Angelica Zadak

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